preface to going out in daylight*

New StartleResponses … loves a good ghost story as much as it loves superb writing, as appreciated here.

Here celebrates a great American achievement and talks grits. reminisces about COVID lockdown thru the scrim of she-dandyism and homemade fashion in this post. kicks the can of epic moviemaking down the process trial here.

These boots were made for reading poetry. For more, go here.

Who doesn’t love an Old Song? We believe there’s more to it: here.

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APOLOGIA: I have stretches of ambivalence about a poet’s self-appointed role as analyst of “the culture.” I’m not an expert in anything political, legal or cultural. However, I have arrived at a certain poet-ethos, and I feel it’s an ethos with which poets like Carol Mirakove and Laura Elrick identify: If something really bothers me (e.g., Dick Cheney’s heart, dog fighting, athleisure, lambic, etc.), I dredge up all the intel I can in relation to it. Attain some depth of knowledge. Be the person who could argue fine points with folk such as Karl Rove or Michael Vick’s attorney. Be a citizen. As Henry Fool in the eponymous film said, a poet has to be able to contemplate anything.

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